alexandra illescas

Actor, Singer, Dancer


Alexandra is a Latinx actor primarily based in New York City.


Since Alexandra's first performance of tying her shoes in front of her family (one at a time for maximum effect), she has had a passion for performing. In high school, Alexandra was involved in her schools leadership program serving as a costume designer, dance captain, and middle school musical assistant. Since then she has continued to broaden her artistic horizons at the Boston Conservatory by being involved in student led productions, both in front and behind the table, and also assistant directing/choreographing "A Piece of My Heart" with Andrea Southwick. 


A recent graduate of the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Alexandra has studied Linklater and several movement/acting ideologies.  She is excited to continue to progress her education through taking classes in New York.  In her free time, Alexandra can be found eating, playing Mariokart, or spending time with her cat.







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